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Why Video plays a crucial role in Digital Marketing Strategy??

Videos have been in market for long. But it’s playing crucial role in digital marketing strategy and being across all digital platforms.

Why Videos??

Videos is an entertaining and engaging content format, users easily digest it, which is easily shareable across platforms. These days all kind of business use videos to promote thereby giving an easy understanding to the consumers about the product and services. Many digital marketing agencies claim that video marketing is increasing and will reach new heights sooner.

There are several reasons that explain the importance and need of video marketing:

1) Increase in Conversion and Sales
Videos engage the consumer easily thereby leading to more conversion and sales. Video should be placed on businesses landing pages which help the brand to generate sales.

2) Increase in Return On Investment (ROI)
The best and most important part in videos is the content and not the video. Production of video is not that easy but it generates great amount of ROI.

3) Video build Trust and tells more faster
Video reduces the time of a consumer in understanding the product and services thereby building trust towards the brands. Trust is the foundation of conversion and sales. Video marketing is based on trust and creating long term relations. It explains about the product and services in more entertaining and engaging way thereby reinforcing brand values in the minds of viewers. Video should be made not to sell but to persuade viewers to come by providing useful and interesting information.

4) Google Loves Videos
Including Video in your website leads to viewers spending more time on your landing page thereby building trust with Google. Users spending more time on website will enable Google to display your website on top position. Since YouTube is owned by Google, there is a significant increase how videos effect search engine rank. Make sure you optimize your videos.

5) Video with mobile users
Videos and mobile go hand in hand.90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile. As the number of smartphones is increasing leading to increase in video marketing.

6) Video Encourages Social Shares
It is rightly said people share emotions and not facts. Creating Videos with good content enables consumer to share branded videos leading to increase in traffic to your site and generating ROI.

For Digital Marketing Strategy, videos play a crucial role in generating Conversion and Sales. Video marketing is a growing medium for all kind of businesses. They help in serving good quality, entertaining and engaging content for brands.

ArenzWorks is one such digital marketing agency in Mumbai that aims in creating entertaining and engaging video content. Thereby, helping you reach your prospect consumers.

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