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Reasons why you need Tumblr Account in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

While making digital marketing strategy, focusing only on popular social media platforms is one of the biggest mistakes one can make in online marketing. Thereby, being across all social media platforms i.e. Facebook to Tumblr is the biggest digital marketing trends in the growing world of digitalization.

Tumblr is micro blogging and social networking website to express oneself or the brand. It allows you to post images, video, short blog post etc. It is helpful in Search Engine Optimization of your website as many people visit the platform thereby link building which will in turn increase ranking and traffic of your website.

Reasons why brands and Digital Marketing Agency in India should make use of Tumblr in digital marketing strategy:

1) Improves your ranking in Google
Using Keywords by researching with various keyword tools along with providing backlink to that specific keyword which describes your brand helps in increase of overall ranking and link building of your website. Hence it proves to be a very powerful SEO tool to drive traffic to your website.

2) Helps in marketing your Content
Tumblr is a social media platform where you can publish short blogs, post images, describe the images with hash tags, and website linking. Thereby cultivating interest and showing your multimedia across in market audiences.

3) DoFollow Links
Links from Tumblr like any other social network site is Dofollow link. The most interesting part is its social aspects where you can share (i.e. reblog) and if it is popular blog it will be shown in many tumblrogs.

4) Branding
Tumblr is another tool to promote your business online. Along with other major social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr gives you another platform to establish your web presence especially if you want to target younger demographics.

5) Post relevant and interesting content
For any Social Media Platforms, there is the need of engaging content. With Tumblr, you can reach out to a more specific market by using search hashtags. Posting just about anything won’t work on tumblr it needs to be relevant to your business and interesting for people to engage with the content. Multimedia needs to be simple, visually engaging and relevant to sustain SEO usability for your businesses.

It takes hardly any minutes to open your Tumblr Account, so why not get started right now! Open the account with goals in mind. If goal is to build brand make content around your business and it is to get traffic to your website via keywords the build a post around your keyword.

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