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Digital overtaking Television viewership in India (2020)

Digital is no longer medium – it’s a way of doing business. Over the years the number of internet users has increased and it is most likely to overtake Television.

Increase in Internet Population.

TRAI estimates the Internet Population in the country to hit 738 million by 2020.Currently India’s internet population stands at around 430 million. Digital invasion is creating huge opportunities and opening up fresh markets.

With increasing usage of smart phone, invasion of 4G, reduce data cost and increasing time spent on mobile phones is ensuring that digital advertising in India will grow at a much faster clip against the traditional media.

Globally, Digital Ad Spend is going to overtake TV spending by 2020. Social Media has emerged as one of the strongest and successful digital platform with consumer engagement of brands being highest. Digital marketing has the benefit of definite measurement. Results are easy to measure and reach is infinite. Campaigns to local and Global audience can be made depending on the user’s behavior.

New innovation and improvement are helping the advancement of digital marketing industry. There has been an expansion in reach of platforms viz. video, content and social stages. It is just a short time before these substance distributers will adapt the stage with promotion inventories, in this way expanding the span of digital marketing.

Areas facilitating the digital over TV viewership by 2020:

  1. With Jio coming in India data will become affordable.
  2. Smart phones will become cheaper and accomplished with better technology.
  3. Digital Penetration in Indian Economy.
  4. Increase in time spent on Internet.
  5. Advertising will shift more from offline to online.
  6. Digital Medium will grow more and more.

Mobiles have overtaken desktops as the screen of choice for most Indians with desktops being mostly relegated for official or educational purposes. Growing mobile and Internet consumption will drive digital advertising. Measurability of ads has become easier while creative storytelling for different ad formats has improved. Mobile is the most measurable medium for advertising because it offers brands and marketers the opportunity to target very precise audiences, with very relevant content, at the most appropriate time. Consumers are more digital savvy and more accepting of different digital platforms.

The wining mantra for brand is to strike the right balance. Therefore, the entire digital marketing agencies in India are in the best phase of digital growth and it’s time to take advantage from it.

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